House and appartment rent and buy
in Portugal 2024


Rental Market in Portugal in 2024

In Portugal, the rental market is currently experiencing significant pressures, with rising prices being a prominent issue, especially in popular urban areas like Lisbon and Porto. The demand for rentals has outstripped supply, exacerbated by the recovery in tourism post-pandemic and the return of short-term rental listings to platforms such as Airbnb. This shift has squeezed the long-term rental market, causing rents to soar and making affordability a key concern for residents. As a result, more people are considering less central locations where rents are more manageable, although these areas also show signs of increasing demand and corresponding rent hikes.

Challenges and Opportunities for Renters in Portugal

For renters in Portugal, the market's competitiveness can pose significant challenges. Prime locations in Lisbon's historical districts or Porto's Ribeira are increasingly expensive and hard to come by. Renters might need to compromise on location or apartment size to find something within their budget. However, there are opportunities as well; new housing developments and renovation projects are gradually coming to the market, aimed at increasing the rental housing supply. These developments are often equipped with modern amenities and can be found in burgeoning neighborhoods that have yet to peak in rental prices.

Insights into Buying Real Estate in Portugal

Buying real estate in Portugal offers an enticing opportunity, particularly for international investors and those seeking a second home. The market has been buoyant with strong appreciation in property values across sought-after areas like the Algarve, Lisbon, and Porto. Portugal's political stability, welcoming culture, and beneficial tax regimes (such as the Non-Habitual Resident scheme) add to its allure as an investment destination. Moreover, the potential for rental income from tourism makes purchasing property in tourist-friendly cities an attractive proposition. Nonetheless, buyers should conduct thorough market research to identify the best regions for investment, considering both current trends and long-term growth prospects.


Whether you're looking to rent or buy, Portugal's real estate market offers a dynamic landscape with both challenges and opportunities. Renters face high costs and limited choices in major cities, but the expanding supply of new developments presents new options. For buyers, the growth in property values and advantageous tax incentives provide strong motivation to invest, particularly in top tourist destinations. By staying informed and considering less traditional locations, stakeholders in Portugal's real estate market can navigate these turbulent waters more effectively.